Links - models and agencies
Modelling agencies
  Some of these are based outside the UK, but all include UK models. I only list the ones I have used.
* MadCow Models UK based, and despite the zany name an excellent resource; lists both models and photographers.
* OneModelPlace USA based, but extensive UK listings also. Was one of the best model resources on the web, but customer service is very poor and I've given them up. Lists both models and photographers.
* Net-Model A web directory of both models and photographers.  As with OneModelPlace the customer service is poor, and I've given them up too.
Individual models
  I only list those with whom I have worked - not all the models I've worked with have their own websites but most can be found on one of the three agencies given above.
  All of the following were great to work with and I am happy to recommend them to other photographers
  - the order below is solely alphabetical!

* Red Hair Based in England; travels widely.
* Madame Bink Based in England; travels widely. Her own website seems non-functional but the Facebook page is active. She has a blog here.
* Roswell Ivory Based in England; travels widely. She also has a blog here.

If you have worked with me and aren't listed above, I probably don't know about your web site: let me know and I can add you!