I have been keen on photography for over 50 years, starting with a Box Brownie at about age 7 and working my way up via other cheap cameras to my first SLR in 1968, a Praktica Nova, which lasted for many years. I still have it and it still works perfectly!
This was finally replaced by a Contax 139, a reliable workhorse of exquisite quality which I had for many years. Alas, a thief broke into my car in France and relieved me of all my gear in September 1995 (2 bodies, 5 lenses and all the paraphernalia that goes with them), so I acquired a pair of Canon EOS5 bodies with various lenses ranging from 17 to 300mm. The Canon's only drawback was its unsuitability for true infrared film, which is a medium I'd love to have experimented with more.
I have now been fully digital for a couple of decades, originally with a Canon EOS 10D, followed by a Canon EOS 6D and EOS 70D, and an EOS 5D converted for Infra-red.  I then switched from Canon DSLRs to the Fujifilm XT system which gives me just as good performance for rather less size and weight.  One of my daughters has taken over all my Canon bodies and lenses and is making excellent use of them.
My favourite subjects are landscape and people - just click on the relevant headings. I also had a keen interest in alternative processes such as salt prints, cyanotypes, etc. although I mimic these digitally now. I still retain my darkroom but it is now rarely used as I print digitally with an Epson SureColor P600 which gives great monochrome prints as well as colour.
I enjoy working in both monochrome and colour.
I am a member of the Edinburgh Photographic Society, which I first joined in 1976 and of which I have been the Syllabus Secretary, then Secretary. After that I was Chairman/Secretary of the Edinburgh International Exhibition for 4 years, and and then its Treasurer for a year.
I was also a member of the Midlothian Camera Club between 1994 and 2005, and its Chairman from 1998-2000.
I was a member of The Royal Photographic Society, of which I held an Associateship, but unless you to keep paying for annual membership you may not continue to use the designation ARPS.
I also gained my AFIAP distinction in 2009, my EFIAP in 2011, my EFIAP/b in 2014, my EFIAP/s in 2015. and my EFIAP/g in 2017.
Since January 2020 I have very reluctantly given up most of my photography as the onset of Parkinson's Disease has wrecked my balance and ability to walk - I can't even drive my car anymore and rely on my wife to take me places.  This has made my kind of photography nearly impossible.  However I have an extensive collection of camera files and I am slowly working my way through them re-editing and posting some of them on Model Folio.  I have also completely redesigned this website.
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